Office Error Code 30015-25 (1006): How To Fix Couldn’t Stream Office Error

Office error code 30015-25 (1006) appears on your windows screen when you’re trying to install Office apps. You’ll see the “Couldn’t stream Office” error message when Office fails to install or start. Here, we’ve listed the steps to fix problems that occur while installing Office.

Office error code when installing

Causes of Office error code 30015-25 (1006)

  • Internet connectivity error,
  • Windows Firewall rules,
  • Antivirus,
  • Office services or files open in the system background.
  • Office files might be open in the background application.
  • Corrupt system or registry files.

How to fix Office error code 30015-25 (1006)

First, you should know what causes error code 30015-25 (1006) in your computer. Without getting the exact reason that causes problems, you can’t fix the error. Here, you’ll see the most common solutions first to fix error code 30015-25 (1006). You should follow the below solutions to fix problems with Office apps.

Solution 1: Repairing Office with a repair tool to fix couldn’t stream Office

Office errors may be fixed when an error occurs due to problems with corrupt system files. If your windows installer failed to install Office due to corrupt registry files, then repair tool repair all corrupt data files and replace with default Office files to install successfully. You can start your Office repair tool from Program and Features settings in Control Panel.

Steps to access Office repair tool and start repairing Office setup:

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Click Programs.
  3. Again, click on uninstall a program.
  4. Select Microsoft Office that you want to repair.
  5. Click Change.
  6. Choose Quick Repair or Online Repair and click Repair.

Note: restart your computer and try to reinstall Office again. Check if error 30015-25 (1006) persists again while installing Office. If not, that’s okay. If yes, then try to follow the next solutions.

Solution 2: Remove Office installation files and services, then reinstall Office product again

In most cases, repairing will resolve the problem. But, in your case, if repairing was not troubleshooting your issues, then you should uninstall all preinstall or partially installed Office files and services.

In most cases, when you’re performing uninstalling process from Control Panel, Office will not completely uninstall from your computer. As a result, you’ll see an error message when you’re trying to reinstall Office on your computer.

The manual uninstallation of Office from your computer is a complex and long time process. The process is required technical expertise. If you’re not, please don’t try to yourself. Any wrong steps cause system data loss or damage your computer configuration.

If anything goes wrong, you might need to reinstall your operating system. You should need to take help from your family or colleague who has enough knowledge of the technical. Also, you can contact your tech person to remove Office manually from your computer.

Click here to see the complete steps to remove Office manually.

Download and install Office

Steps to download Office from an online Microsoft account:

  1. Click here to sign in to your Microsoft account or visit
  2. Click Install Office.
  3. Choose your Office product and select language.
  4. Click Download.
  5. Save Office installer files and click OK.

Steps to install Office:

  1. Open Office installer files from the download location.
  2. Click to run Office setup.
  3. Follow the rest necessary steps when prompted on your computer screen.
  4. Click Close when installation is finished.

We value your feedback. Please let us know if you found any of these solutions helpful. If it didn’t, tell us more about your issue, including any error messages you’re received and where you were in the install process when you received it. We’ll use that information to help investigate your issue further.